We are researching interactions between Feminizing Hormone Therapy & HIV Treatment

Thank you for your interest in our drug-drug interaction study!


So what’s this study about?

This is a clinical study to look at possible drug-drug interactions (DDIs) between antiretroviral therapy (ART - medication used to treat HIV) and feminizing hormone therapy (FHT - medications some trans women take as part of their transition).


Estamos investigando las interacciones entre la terapia hormonal feminizante y el tratamiento con HV


¡Gracias por su interés en nuestro estudio de interacción fármaco-fármaco! 

DDI Study: Community Research Assistant - Meet Sushmita


Meet our Community Research Assistant~ Sushmita


DDI Study: Pilot Study Results


DDI Study: Pilot Study Results

Despite tremendous advances in the care of trans women living with HIV, there are still unknowns. For example, it is unknown if taking feminizing hormone therapy (FHT) and antiretroviral medications (ART) together will affect the drug level (causing an increase or decrease) of either of these medications.

This is what we call a drug-drug interaction (DDI).

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