Treatment, Stigma and Vision Zero: Toronto stories on World AIDS Day

The AIDS committee is launching Towards Zero, a campaign aimed at zero new deaths, infections and stigma to mark the day.

AUTHOR // Gilbert Ngabo, Metro News (Dec.1, 2016)

When Thom Vernon and Vajdon Sohaili moved to Toronto in 2006, it felt like they had found a home.

The two met in the U.S. 17 years ago, but when Vernon’s efforts to sponsor Sohaili – who hails from Zimbabwe – were denied, they decided to leave.

It wasn’t an easy choice; Vernon is a HIV positive, which can make immigration difficult.


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Public health researchers at U of T launch first Canadian study on couples with different HIV statuses

AUTHOR // Nicole Bodnar, U of T News (November 30, 2016)

This summer, U of T’s Dalla Lana School of Public Health launched Positive Plus One, the first Canadian study about HIV-serodiscordant relationships. These relationships are increasingly common, since people with HIV are living longer lives and have more opportunity for longer relationships.

Positive Plus One brings together a diverse team of community members, AIDS service organizations and clinicians. Researchers say they hope the results will inform health-care professionals, service providers, policy-makers and those living in HIV-serodiscordant relationships about how to improve knowledge and services for HIV-positive people and their HIV-negative partners.


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In A Serodiscordant Relationship? Make Your Voice Heard


AUTHOR // Guest Authors - Revolving Door, (Nov.29, 2016)

In a serodiscordant relationship? Make your voice heard.
As HIV-positive individuals are living longer lives, more and more people today are in relationships where only one of the two people has HIV (an HIV-serodiscordant relationship). As many as 16,000 HIV-positive people in Canada may be in serodiscordant relationships. While there has been research on living with HIV, far less is known about the issues faced by serodiscordant couples.

This newsletter provides an update on Positive Plus One - a national, mixed-methods study of serodiscordant couples. We are calling on you to help us during this next wave of recruitment, to ensure that the diverse voices of many serodiscordant couples are heard.


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Public health researchers launch first Canadian study on couples with different HIV statuses

AUTHOR // University of Toronto: Dalla Lana School of Public Health (Nov.29, 2016)

December 1 is World AIDS Day — the longest-running global health day. Held every year since 1988, the date provides an opportunity for the world to show its support for people living with HIV and remember those who died. The University of Toronto has hosted World AIDS Day events since 2004 and this year’s theme is Disclosure: HIV/AIDS in the 21st Century.

This theme is particularly relevant for Thom and Vajdon, who have been together for 17 years
and are in what scientists call a serodiscordant relationship — where one partner is HIV-positive and the other is HIV-negative.

“There are a lot of us out here, living full and loving lives. Sticking by each other no matter what,” said Thom, a writer, actor and educator who is HIV-positive and lives in Toronto with his partner Vajdon, a PhD student.


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