Vaccinations are now available if you are 60+ and live in Toronto, regardless of health status (06APR21)

Follow this process:

If you are aged 60+ and live in Toronto, you can now book COVID-19 vaccine appointments at a community clinic (associated with our clinic) using this link or call 1-888-385-1910.  

  1. Scroll down to the Community Vaccine Clinic at the West End YMCA
  2. In the priority area choose "60 years and older" (including anyone turning 60 later in 2021); you can book now if you are 60+ regardless of health status.

Age 50 and older (regardless of medical history) living in a high risk postal code can now book at one of the hospital clinics using this link or call 1-888-385-1910.

  • St. Michael’s Hospital: M4X, M5A, M5B 
  • St. Joseph’s Hospital: M6K, M6N, M8V, M9A, M9B, M9C, M9R, M9V, M9W
  • University Health Network: M5V, M6E, M6H
  • CAMH: M5V, M6E, M6H, M6K, M6N, M8V
  • Michael Garron Hospital: M4H, M1L, M3C, M4A, M1K, M1M, M1J
  • North York General Hospital: M2J, M2M, M2R, M3A, M3C, M3H, M4A
  • Humber River Hospital: Live in their catchment area (South of Steeles Avenue, North of Eglinton Avenue, East of Humber River/ Islington Avenue, West of Bathurst Street)
  • Englemount-Lawrence Vaccination Clinic: M2J, M2M, M2R, M3A, M3C, M3H, M3J, M3K, M3L, M3M, M3N, M4A, M4X, M5A, M5B, M5N, M6A, M6B, M6L, M6M, M9L, M9M, M9N, M9P

Any of the following are eligible for vaccines, regardless of age can now book at one of the hospital clinics using this link or call 1-888-385-1910.

  • Frontline health care workers inhigh/very high/highest risk groups.
  • Residents, staff, and essential caregivers in long term care homes, retirement homes, and assisted living.
  • First Nations, Métis, and Inuit adults (age 16 and older).
  • Adults receiving chronic home care (will receive a letter if eligible).
  • Faith Leaders (e.g. end of life care, care of deceased, home visits, care in health care and vulnerable settings).
  • Transplant recipients and those receiving active cancer treatment (excluding individuals receiving solely hormonal or radiation therapy).

   Individuals with the following health conditions:

  • Neurological diseases where your breathing may be compromised (e.g. motor neuron disease, myasthenia gravis, multiple sclerosis)
  • Blood or bone marrow cancer diagnosed in past year
  • Very severe kidney disease with eGFR less than 30 (You would have a kidney specialist called a “nephrologist” or may be on dialysis)
  • Obesity (Body mass index greater than 40)
  • Other treatments causing immunosuppression (e.g. chemotherapy, immunity weakening medications - e.g. oral steroids, biologic agents)
  • Intellectual or developmental disabilities (e.g. Down syndrome)
  • Caregivers (up to one caregiver accompanying an individual with the health conditions listed above)

All others- you can see if you are now eligible for vaccination through province-wide clinics using this link or call 1-833-943-3900.

It is our understanding the age groups will be dropping quickly, keep checking back for updates.

Time to second vaccine- As per the Government of Ontario- 'Increasing the time between first and second doses allows more Ontarians to get the benefit of immunity from a first dose while the vaccine supply continues to be limited. Research and real world experience have shown that with even a single dose of the vaccine, there’s protection from severe complications, hospitalization and death due to COVID-19'.  Contrary to the government's plan, we recommend, if at all possible, that you receive your second dose of vaccine according to the manufacturers’ recommendations, despite the current four month wait time, especially if you are elderly or immune-compromised.  

We do not have any COVID-19 vaccines stored at Maple Leaf Medical Clinic. 

To learn more about go to Ontario's COVID-19 vaccine program.